How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time Step 1: Feminine Posture

October 2, 2018
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How to Sound Feminine One Step at a Time Step 1: Feminine Posture

What is one of the first things you notice when you see a beautiful woman? Her hair? Her clothing? Her jewelry?

I notice posture.  It’s true! I notice her movements and how she carries herself. But, it’s not just about looking feminine and feeling elegant–these are important, don’t get me wrong—it’s about a simple anatomic fact: posture and breathing are intricately connected.

Try this. Sit down and bend over your legs, letting your arms hang down to the floor.  Now, take a deep breath in. It’s a bit difficult, isn’t it?  While this little exercise is an extreme example of how our muscles and tendons can get overly restricted and cause a lessening of depth and ease in breathing, it does serve as an easy example that the abdominal muscles need sufficient space to move as they’re designed in order for us to breathe freely and effectively.  Poor posture restricts the movement (rise and fall) of your diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle that sits at the base of your lungs. Changing your voice requires careful attention and some significant changes to your posture.

Good posture = Good breathing


Good posture = Good breathing = Good Voice

Proper posture leads to proper breath flow.

In this step, posture, Kathe provides some historical perspective about why appropriate posture is important and discusses two of early pioneers in this area, F.M. Alexander and M. Feldenkrais. Kathe walks you through two exercise routines and encourages you be mindful of how you move your space in space.

Awareness or mindfulness (I like the concept of metacognition) precedes and underlies all change!

Exceptional Voice, Inc., a woman and minority owned company located in Denver, Colorado and Falstaff, AZ. As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Kathe Perez has been working in the field since 1986 and has helped thousands of people gain power and confidence in the way they speak. Melissa Kurrle joined the Exceptional Voice team some years ago as an intern and now she will be joining our team as a certified speech-language pathologist. Shereceived her Master of Arts degree in 2017 from University of Kansas, one of the top ranking speech-language pathology schools in the nation, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Be exceptional!

 Kathe Perez & Melissa Kurrle


Change Your Voice ~ Change Your Life


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