How Gritty Are You? Part 2: This simple truth is; what you practice is what our get.

August 16, 2017
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How Gritty Are You? Part 2: This simple truth is; what you practice is what our get.



How Gritty Are You? Part 2

We do what we do in large part because we are in the habit of doing so and something in our personalities and our environments conspire to make it so.


We change when we need to.


In reporting on her research in her book Grit, Dr. Duckworth shares a variety of grit vignettes. Two stories that describe habituated behaviors standout–a toddler’s potty training and a teen’s tardiness problem. These habits only changed when external forces (peer pressure and job performance expectations) were acted upon them. In order words, cultural and environmental factors motivated these two children to immediately change their behavior.


What if, you created an environment that was so strongly motivating that you no longer allowed yourself to speak in that “former” voice? What if, your goal for changing your voice was so important to you that you never wavered in your pursuit of its achievement.


If it’s true, and Dr. Duckworth’s research supports this notion, that we get grittier as we get older, then with each passing day, your passion and perseverance can grow if you follow some specific steps about practice.


Grit is the pursuit of long-term goals with passion and perseverance.


The intent of this podcast is to help you understand that you can change the way you think about practice, and achieve better results thereby putting you are the right course so that you reach your destination.


In this podcast, we’ll review, Dr. Duckworth’s research on practice and outline some steps you can take to become grittier!


We tend to get grittier as we get older.


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Be exceptional!

Kathe Perez

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